Home Furnishing 2016 is furniture that will make your home more beautiful and modern . Contemporary design made with the latest models and adjusted to the functional value . If we have minimalist home then we need a  furnishings that are tailored to the concept , usually using a sleek and multifunctional furniture .

Furnishings not only as a space filler , but also has the function value , comfortable and provide a sense of security . So we are not random origin in choosing furniture , selecting furniture we liked without regard to the concept of the design of our homes . we can use the latest design Home Furnishing 2016 which provide a minimalist and luxurious design appropriate for us who have a minimalist home.


In the design of the living room above using modern concepts . Model of sofa , chairs , tables and lamps living room are simple and stylish, but it looks beautiful and the present . Selection of white color on the walls is precisely because it gives the impression of a relaxed , clean and quiet . Sun light coming from the window to add the room becomes brighter so that the elements of creativity and motifs in modern furniture can be seen . Ornamental plants are in place in the corner of the room gives a fresh atmosphere.


Neutral or solid color selection is the right choice for those who apply modern concepts . The use of black color on a sofa and a small table today gives the impression of luxury and beautiful . In the design of this room tends to highlight from the color selection and the use of modern furnishings . In addition we can also add that we arrange furniture on a shelf as a decoration . the addition of some plant life gives the impression of the room becomes more alive and fresh.


Home Furnishing 2016 in selection of furniture on design above gives the impression of a simple yet look modern. As in the color selection sofas , pillows and curtains . Glass is placed on the wall gives the impression became widespread . Floor design that uses wood floors add a sense of comfort when walking in the room .